At Supplement Enterprise we pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our partnering manufacturers. We work alongside these businesses every single day. Over several years, we’ve built up these extensive supplier relationships, so that you don’t have to. Ordering in such large volumes; we can offer the same competitive pricing that supply and manufacturing companies would offer to you themselves.

With over one hundred years of joint experience within the supplement industry; we have a select 3 UK manufacturing companies that we work with on an extremely close and personal level. Each of which hold top UK accreditations, carry state of the art manufacturing equipment and abide to the highest regulatory standards as set out below.



All of our manufacturers are based within the UK. Their manufacturing facilities boast GMP, ISO & SALSA accreditation, with our most regularly used manufacturer even holding an ‘A’ grade in their BRC Global Standard for Food Safety accreditation. Meaning that you can be safely assured that your products are meeting the gold standards in terms of manufacturing practice.

Along with ourselves; our partners are also registered with the Soil Association. This means that we can offer you the supply and manufacture of the very latest certified organic products. These are tracked and traced all the way from the very first point of supply, to your very own product, ensuring compliance every step of the way.



Our manufacturers facilities are continuously investing in new, cutting edge technology and equipment to keep them ahead of the competition. Between them they offer numerous:

  • High Spec Pharmaceutical Grade Automatic Encapsulating Machines
  • High Spec Pharmaceutical Grade Semi Automatic Encapsulating Machines (Allows flexibility for more bespoke jobs)
  • High Spec Pharmaceutical Grade Automatic Tableting Machines
  • High Capacity Powder Blending Machines
  • Automated Bottling Machines
  • Semi Automated Bottling Machines (Allows flexibility for more bespoke jobs)
  • Automated Label Application Machines
  • Automated Capsule Filling Machines
  • Automated Powder Filling Machines

Their capabilities sit within the manufacture of millions of capsules per day. Along with this, the equipment that they use means that they can facilitate your every need in terms of formulation, components and packaging.



Each of our manufacturing facilities has the capability to create custom formulations from start to finish. This doesn’t stop at formulating your own capsule, tablet or powder ingredients.

We also provide completely custom components. Whether you need 10 raw ingredients, in a 60 count capsule, with a clear bottle and silver lid; or you need 40 raw ingredients, powder blended into a gold pouch. We can see to your every componentary requirement.

For new orders we have the ability to turn these around in 7-8 weeks and for repeat orders, these can be completed in just 5-6 weeks; meaning you don’t have to worry about long lead times.



All of our manufacturing facilities undergo a strict quality control process, meaning that you will never be dissatisfied with your finished product. There are a team of operatives on hand to go through every single order and look for any kind of defect.

However, unlike some companies these quality control procedures are not simply adhered to solely at the end of your production run. We conduct quality control measures from the very beginning of the process, meaning that we ensure that every individual ingredient is sourced from reputable suppliers.

As a retailer ourselves, we understand how important this part of the process is. That is why we are so selective on who we work with. We believe maintaining these high standards is the only way that you can focus on what’s important – Running your ecommerce business successfully.