Supplement Enterprise is a leading private label company, providing the global supply of all supplement related products. We offer a holistic and flexible service from start to finish, covering all aspects of the private label process.

We have a brilliant team on hand that can offer invaluable contributions in creating, building and supplying your very own brand at every step of the way.

We work with low MOQ’s and cater to all businesses, however big or small. So no matter how far along you are in the journey of creating your very own Supplement Enterprise – Reach out. I’m certain we can help you.




At Supplement Enterprise we pride ourselves on the holistic nature of our complete private label service. We offer absolutely everything you can think of from start to finish, throughout the private label process. Unlike most services we even have a dedicated team to help market your product on Amazon (Please note that a consultation will be needed prior to choosing this option to assess feasibility).

We can help with:

We have a dedicated team of suppliers, manufacturers, supplement experts, graphic designers, design coordinators, regulatory consultants & Amazon marketing specialists to easily guide you through the minefields of creating your own supplement. However early or late you are in the stages of your business we’d love to offer you our services.


At Supplement Enterprise we pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our partnering manufacturers. We work alongside these businesses every single day. Over several years, we’ve built up these extensive supplier relationships, so that you don’t have to. Ordering in such large volumes; we can offer the same competitive pricing that supply and manufacturing companies would offer to you themselves.

With over one hundred years of joint experience within the supplement industry; we have a select 3 UK manufacturing companies that we work with on an extremely close and personal level. Each of which hold top UK accreditations, carry state of the art manufacturing equipment and abide to the highest regulatory standards as set out below.


What Our Customers Have To Say

Launching our business and watching it grow has been very exciting, but without Supplement Enterprise, I don’t think our brand vision would have come into fruition. They have acted as a loyal partner and provided us with clear advice and action points from the start. By lifting the burden of the day to day, time consuming tasks, we are fully able to attack our business plan and achieve our goals. Highly recommended for anyone about to start this journey.

Sean Bryant & Alex Baker

Supplement Enterprise has helped us tremendously by supplying all of our supplement products. They have also set up our Amazon product listings and know exactly how to get them in front of potential buyers. We were stuck on Amazon before they took over our account, and I cannot thank Jack enough for his constant support and helpful answers whenever I had a question (which was a lot!). I would highly recommend working with Supplement Enterprise.

Michael Gower

I first spoke to Supplement Enterprise regarding creating a proprietary supplement. They were extremely helpful in guiding me with what ingredients to select and what to include on the label. They helped me develop the product and launch it on Amazon, the results were outstanding. Since then I continue to operate with them and have been satisfied every time.

Richard Forrest

As a satisfied customer of Supplement Enterprise, I can say they do an excellent job of taking care of my product customisation requirements and imagery needs, very professional service, highly recommended.

Saleh Khalili

I feel very lucky to have found Supplement Enterprise. They have been instrumental in the success of my Amazon business. Their expertise covers all aspects of running a business like this from, managing a timely supply chain, creation of a solid brand from a vague concept and probably most important an in-depth knowledge of how Amazon works, so vital when the competition is considerable. I’d go further than recommending them, I’d say, don’t go anywhere else, these easy going fun guys, really know what they’re doing.

Wynne Garratt

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